Beauty gifts for dad (and hubby) that he needs

Apart from getting dad (or hubby) usual gifts such as a stylish watch, cologne and fancy corkscrew, how about bringing him over to Medical Spa Club for an awesome fun makeover?

A cosmetic treatment may be the ideal gift for the family man this year, because who doesn’t love looking cooler and better? Cosmetic procedures aren’t just for women anymore. Dad’s skin needs love & care too. In fact, many gentlemen have turned to beauty treatments which help boost their confidence and careers (by looking as good as their counterparts).

We can’t wait to watch Dad’s face light up when he walks out from our beauty clinic after any of these:


Non-surgical facelift

Get the man a facelift that’ll lift his mood by taking some years off his face. Medical Spa Club’s non-surgical facelift approach consists of a instant minimally invasive thread facelift (with InstaLift) + liquid facelift (“brotox” – botulinum toxins, and dermal fillers) + ultrasound skin lifting (with Ultherapy) to address sagging tissues, lost facial volume and wrinkles/fine lines. This combination of procedures delivers natural lasting results with little to no downtown.

Check out our non-surgical facelift treatment page for more details.


Glowing skin treatments

Want to get the patriarch that glow of healthy and radiant skin? One of our relaxing yet medical-grade facials is the instant fix he needs.

Our Signature Smooth Glow Facial helps him turn back time with our advanced luxurious skin resurfacing facial treatment that is combined with an anti-aging skincare line packed with active ingredients, to even out skin texture, reduce pigmentation, and restore skin radiance. For specific skin concerns, choose our Classic Purifying Facial which is tailored to the skin’s unique needs and types.

For more dramatic natural results, we offer therapies utilizing different clinically-proven technologies such as laser, light and radiofrequency (RF) for you to “wow” the boss of the house!

Lasers improve skin tone, texture, and coloration, which makes the skin appear firmer and tighter. Our signature treatment with laser technology is laser hair removal to remove unwanted hair, as a positive side effect, the treated areas will reveal better skin quality too due to the rejuvenating benefit of lasers.

Our star treatment, Broadband Light (BBL) therapy, uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to effectively treat a range of skin concerns, including acnerosaceaage spotssun spotsfine lines and wrinkles, and uneven texture.

Our Fractora treatment uses radiofrequency (RF) to heat the deeper layer to stimulate the production of collagen for skin tightening and to noticeably improve skin texture. The mister will have better skin tone and quality that can’t be overlooked by everybody else!


Body contouring treatments

At Medical Spa Club, we have several fat elimination and body contouring treatments to help any dad achieve his body goal, such as helping him lose the beer belly that may have been bothering him. Our doctor is able to match his needs by designing his personalized treatment plan with different technologies. Choose from our CoolSculpting fat-freezing treatment (up to 25% fat reduction of an area), Vanquish ME bulk fat disruption procedure (up to 29% fat melt after full treatment) to BodyFX intensive fat melt and body tightening therapy for a more sculpted body.

For better results, combine 2 or all more body systems to create a synergy effect!

Real clinical study patient photo. Subject had a full Coolsculpting treatment and then Vanquish ME procedure later

All of our body contouring treatments are clinically proven to target unwanted fat. Visit our body treatment section for more details.


Book his first or next cosmetic and aesthetic procedure today to make him look and feel his best as stigmas start to melt away!