Mechanical Treatments

Mechanical skin resurfacing therapies make use of different instruments to restore a smoother and clearer complexion.

Mechanical cosmetic procedures are good substitutes if one does not respond well to chemical or energy-based treatments. Also, they have little to no downtime unlike other types of treatments such as chemical peels, which requires a post-treatment “peel period”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they safe?

At Medical Spa Club, your safety is our first priority. We only import technologies with proven clinical report and research support. All of our machines and devices are certified safe by FDA and Health Canada.

Aesthetician services such as microdermabrasion are performed by our medical aesthetician, who has received proper training prior to giving any treatment to our clients, and is supervised by our clinic’s doctor.

Can I combine different types of treatments for better results?

Absolutely! Different types of treatments target different concerns and can produce synergy effects for better results.

To get a safe and efficacious combination of cosmetic treatment personalized for you, book a consultation with our doctor to discuss your needs and expectations.

What's The Best Treatment For Me?

Everyone’s unique and so are your concerns! Thus, there is not a standard “best treatment” guide for everyone.

Schedule a consultation with our doctor today and discuss your concerns. You are welcome to raise any questions you may have and our doctor will also talk about the benefits and risks of the treatment procedures. Your candidacy will also be assessed and a personalized treatment plan and schedule will be established for you.