Body Treatments

Body treatments for shape sculpting and fat loss. Certain types of body care treatments may also stimulate the skin to feel and look smooth.

At Medical Spa Club, we have several fat elimination and body contouring treatments to help you achieve your body goal. Our doctor is able to match your needs by designing your individualized treatment plan with different technologies.

CoolSculpting® is a great treatment for stubborn fat elimination and its smaller applicator can be able to treat the under chin and other hard-to-reach smaller areas at a time. Vanquish ME™ is effective in eliminating fat in bulk since it covers a large area in a single session. Paired with our BodyFX™ Skin Tightening treatment, we are able to accelerate results and achieve the shape you have been looking for.

Combining different body treatments can produce a synergy effect and help you achieve your body goal with faster and better results. Depending on your need and candidacy, you may be suitable to receive several body treatments in your personalized treatment plan. Sign up today for a consultation with our doctor today to discuss your concern and goal.

All of our body treatments do not replace a healthy lifestyle, exercise and diet.