Vanquish ME™

Fat Removal ● Volume Reduction ● Body Contouring

Vanquish ME™  is the newer generation^ of contactless technology for non-invasive bulk fat disruption. With currently the largest treatment area in the industry, it treats flank to flank in one session, all with unrivaled patient comfort and safety.

It is a fat melt treatment for body shaping and reduction of abdominal circumference (muffin top, bulging waistline or love handles) and is not limited to fat removal on other areas such as arms, thighs and back/bra strap areas.

Compared to the first generation Vanquish™, Vanquish ME™  shows a statistically significant difference in the reduction of abdominal fat layer for an average of 53% improvement.


Why Vanquish ME™ is a superior volume fat disruption treatment

  • FDA-cleared selective heat technology, safe and clinically effective
  • Innovative non-contact, hands-free and painless procedure (no cold sensation or fat suction discomfort)
  • Treats a large area in a single session (currently the largest spot size in industry)
  • Device designed for diverse patient populations, even people with larger body size and higher BMI
  • No pain management required, no downtime


The science behind Vanquish ME™

It has been documented that Vanquish ME™ treatments cause permanent fat reduction with results visible even after 4 years*:

  • 29% fat reduction or 0.8L of fat in treated abdominal fat layer
  • Not limited to people with BMI <30
* On average 75% of the original body contouring effect 4 years post treatment series as demonstrated by abdominal circumferential reduction was preserved; with proper diet and exercise


Patented Selective RF™ Technology – How does it work?

Using the patented Selective RF™ technology, Vanquish ME™ allows deep tissue heating of fat at selected depths. Utilizing real-time impedance tuning circuitry, the embedded technology matches the characteristics of the radio frequency (RF) generator with the adipose layer. The groundbreaking design of energy delivery helps to target the thermal effect into the adipose tissue while protecting surrounding layers.

Vanquish ME™ has been designed to target RF energy based on differing characteristics of body tissues. Frequencies employed are best matched with the impedance of adipose tissue. Targeting specifically those tissues, the Vanquish ME™ deep tissue heating affects fat at selected depths.

Where does the fat go?

Vanquish ME™ delivers deep heating to the fat layer below the skin. This high heat effectively induces fat cell death, causing them to break up. The cells are then collected into the lymph system and eventually be excreted. Over time, your body eliminates the fat from the treated area.


Synergy with other body sculpting treatments

At Medical Spa Club, we have several fat elimination and body contouring treatments to help you achieve your body goal. Our doctor is able to match your needs by designing your individualized treatment plan with different technologies.

While Vanquish ME™ is effective in eliminating fat in bulk since it covers a large area at a time, CoolSculpting® can destroy remaining hard-to-reach stubborn fat pockets and aids further fat loss. BodyFX™ accelerates overall treatment results by promoting faster blood circulation and its focus on skin level provides skin tightening effect and delivers proven results in reducing the appearance of cellulite.

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Seeing is Believing

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* Individual results may vary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a procedure cost?

It depends on how many sessions you’ll need and the treatment area.

A suggested full treatment consists of 4 sessions. One session focusing on one area starts from $500 at Medical Spa Club.

How is Vanquish ME™ different from other fat reduction and body contouring treatments?

Vanquish ME is equipped with a panel which covers a large treatment area. It reduces fat layer from flank to flank, overall the whole abdomen, leading to significantly higher circumferential reduction. Other systems use a point source of energy that damages only a small spot size of unwanted fat cells, thus their fat reductions are localized and time consuming for treatment of various pockets of fat.

In most cases, these other fat reduction technologies require that the applicator clamps onto the body or is placed and moved against the skin for close to an hour – which can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. With Vanquish ME, the device hovers over the treatment area in a panel array of energy that does not come into direct contact with the skin. Unlike tummy tucks or liposuction which are associated with varying degrees of discomfort, side effects and downtime, there is no surgery, anesthesia or recovery with Vanquish ME.

Am I A Candidate?

Vanquish ME treatments are designed for those who want to decrease the circumference of their abdomen and thighs – regardless of their BMI. Vanquish ME is an option for those who desire aesthetic improvement without the cost and recovery time of surgery. Vanquish ME is also an option for patients who are not candidates for other treatments such as those who are intolerant of cryolipolysis (fat freezing/cold suction) treatments.

However, Vanquish ME is not suitable for people with pacemaker, other electronic implant, metal implants including mesh. It is also not recommended for pregnant women.

To find out your candidacy and further assess your health condition, please schedule an appointment with our doctor to discuss further.

What Is The Treatment Time? How Many Sessions Do I Need?

Each treatment plan is personally customized depending on individual needs. Most patients will have to undergo 4 treatments scheduled 1 week apart. Each therapy session takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

Book your appointment today and talk to our doctor your individualized treatment schedule.

What Does It Feel Like?

Comfort is the main advantage of Vanquish ME compared to some other shaping therapies. All you will typically feel is a warm sensation in the treated area which may last for a few hours post therapy. The treatment is performed in a lying position so you can easily relax during the procedure.

Is There Any Downtime? Any Pre/Post Treatment Preparation?

The whole procedure is non-invasive, contactless, and requires no recovery time. You can easily have the treatment during your lunch break, and return to your daily activities immediately.

It is suggested to drink lots of water after treatment to help your metabolism so your body can start naturally eliminating disrupted fat cells for better results.

How Fast Will I See Results?

Many patients report changes as soon as 2 to 3 weeks after the first treatment, when their body starts to naturally eliminate disrupted fat cells. Optimal results can be usually seen after a couple of months.