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My Experience Getting a Facial at the Medical Spa Club

Published on Mar 21st, 2024


Hi all. My name is Carmen and I’m thrilled to share with you my experience getting a facial at our very own Medical Spa Club. As a marketing staff member here, I’ve long since been promoting holistic well-being. However, amidst the numerous tasks and daily duties, I often found myself neglecting my own self-care needs. So, when our lovely medical esthetician offered me the opportunity to experience a facial, I knew I had to seize the chance to see firsthand what our clients have been raving about regarding our facials.

The facial I will be trying out is the Power Gel facial! What makes this facial stand out is that it’s perfect for all skin types. Our medical esthetician will customize products like the Hydrojelly™ Mask to suit your skin type and incorporate a relaxing massage session to give you a truly amazing spa experience.

best facial richmond

Getting Ready

Before diving into the facial treatment, I started with a skin assessment and I let my esthetician know that my wish for this facial is simple. I want my skin to feel refreshed and nourished. So she proceeded to do a Wood’s Lamp Examination on me. I went under a cover and because this device emits ultraviolet (UV) light, it reveals a very detailed view of the bacteria that were on my skin. By doing this, she can target those areas on my face and give it extra care during the facial.

best facial richmond

The Main Event

The facial first began with a thorough double-cleansing ritual as she wiped away any impurities, makeup residue, and environmental pollutants from my skin’s surface. Feeling all clean and ready, we move on to the microdermabrasion treatment, which is great for removing all of my dead skin cells, oil and gunk. And if I have to describe this process, it almost feels like a kitten licking my face. 

best facial richmond

To continue the exfoliation process, she used a gentle liquid exfoliant for my sensitive skin to further remove any dead skin cells from my skin and cooling globes to reduce any puffiness on my face, tighten my pores, and it leaves me with a really refreshing feeling!

High Frequency

With my skin all prep and exfoliated, it’s high frequency time. Picture this: you’re chilling in the spa chair, and suddenly, zap! You’re hit with a gentle electrical buzz. Don’t worry; it’s just the magic of high-frequency treatment kicking in. This cool device works wonders on my skin. It calms down any of my redness and gives my face a serious collagen boost.

Hydrojelly mask

After that, we move on to the part I’m most excited about – the Hydrojelly mask! Seeing as I have some inflammation on my face, my medical esthetician chose this mask called illuminating orange for me. And when she applied this on my face, it almost felt like a moisture hug for my skin. It is slightly cooling when it is being applied but afterwards, I can definitely tell how the mask makes my skin feel so hydrated and refreshed. PS the mask also smelled so good!!


As the mask set, my esthetician started the massage session that was a part of this facial. The massage that she was doing is called a lymphatic massage, and it’s particularly good for relieving painful swelling in your arms and legs. She massaged away any of the tension in my shoulders and hands. And for someone who sits in front of a desk for a long period, this is absolutely like heaven to me! Around 30 minutes later, she told me the facial was almost concluded 🙁


Our last step is the LED lights device. She has chosen the Red Light Therapy setting for me to again alleviate inflammation on my face. Especially with my naturally rosy cheeks prone to redness, this treatment is great for boosting collagen production and reducing redness. And for individuals dealing with acne or acne scars, LED therapy can be a great solution as well! And so after 10 minutes, our facial was done!

As I walked out of the facial room, I was reminded once again about the importance of prioritizing myself and cherishing these simple pleasures of self-care. And although this facial lasts approximately 120 minutes, time seems to fly by! I found myself wishing for even more time in the facial room because it’s just that enjoyable. Until next time, I’ll be relishing in the glow of this rejuvenating experience at the Medical Spa Club. And if anyone is interested to trying out one of the best facials you can get in Richmond BC, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more info! 


Pro tip from Carmen

  • Schedule a consultation with our medical esthetician in advance of your facial so that we understand your skin concerns and conditions
  • A complimentary sauna is included for any of our facials; so don’t forget to take advantage of that!
  • Inform us of any medical conditions, such as pacemakers or allergies, before your facial appointment. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities.

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