Newly Launched: Power Gel Facial & Hydrojelly Mask


Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture. It  is considered a safe procedure for most skin types and colors and can improve the appearance of different skin-related concerns and conditions. It deeply exfoliates the skin and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, restoring your skin to a firmer, smoother and more youthful state.

What’s good about it:

  • A quick and effective lunch-time procedure
  • Minimally invasive means common side effects such as mild redness and swelling should go away within the next few hours after you have the procedure done
  • Little to no downtime. You should be able to resume your activities immediately after the treatment
  • No extra long list of pre-procedure preparation or post-treatment care. But like all other medical procedures, you should avoid strong acids/retinolds and the sun + use gentle and effective hydrating skin care products.

We have written a blog post dedicated to Microdermabrasion to help you understand this superior skin rejuvenation procedure in details: /blog/what-is-microdermabrasion


Hydrojelly Mask

Our uniquely formulated Hydrojelly Mask not only soothes and calms your skin after the microdermabrasion procedure, but it also targets your major skin concerns. Depending on your skin conditions, our Medical Aesthetician will mix your personalised Hydrojelly formula specifically to your needs. We call it the “Power Gel” because it works wonder. Different formula target specific concerns and what’s more, we can customise the formula and provide dedicated spot treatment whenever. It is indeed powerful, isn’t it?

  • Pure Himalayan White Tea – Clarifying & Antiseptic
  • Intensive Aftercare – Instant Relief & Blemish Reduction
  • Renewal Boost – Revitalization & Elasticity
  • Super Greens Strength – Rejuvenation & Vitality
  • Brightening Complex – Inhabits Melanin & Lightens Skin
  • Radiance Biotin – Glowing & Resilience
  • Skin Warrior Ageless – Firming & Elasticity
  • Spot Diminishing ALA – 5-Aminolevulinic Acid
  • CICA Complexion Care – Intensive Scar Treatment
  • Hyaluronic Acid – Superior Moisture Retention
  • Vampire PLLA Infusion – Poly-L-Lactic Acid
  • Purifying Active Charcoal – Clarifying & Soothing

Thinking of giving your skin an upgrade? Try our Powel Gel Facial with Microdermabrasion today and then enjoy all the compliments you get after. You are also welcome to get our Hydrojelly Mask as an extra boost if you book other types of facial services with us.