Why Is January Important To Skin Care?

The month of January is the beginning of the New Year where everyone makes new resolutions, which include skin care resolutions. Your New Year can be a start of great expectations with either wins or broken promises, it all depends on you and your resolutions.

You should remember that it takes commitment and time because beauty isn’t something that happens overnight. For instance, you shouldn’t constantly switch products, because results are never instantaneous. You might need to wait six weeks or more to notice any changes in your skin, so resolve to give new products time to work before moving on (The only exception is if you try something and it gives you an allergic or cosmetic reaction).

Here are 5 tips that show why “January Important to Skin Care”. These tips will help and improve your skin care giving great results, such as smooth, glowing and young-looking skin.

  1. Design and commit to a skin care regiment that gets you the results you want. Like we said, it doesn’t happen overnight. Read our blog post, “Making a smart New Year’s Resolution” to help you with the design that will, in turn, help with commitment.
  2. Keep it Simple S….The term “KISS” applies to a great skin care regiment because a simple design will help you understand your skin’s basic biology. A simple design could include the following:
    • Keep it clean with a gentle cleanser
    • Pump up your skin hydration with a serum
    • Protect your skin with a moisturizer for your skin type.
    • Use an SPF to avoid overexposure to sunlight and prevent premature skin aging or worse, skin cancer.
  3. Connect with yourself. Don’t panic when you find unexpected spots or lines on your skin. Instead of focusing on symptoms, look for the root of the problem.
  4. Keep it pure. Your lifestyle can majorly affect your skin. Avoid ingredients that disrupt your hormone receptors, such as phthalates, parabens and triclosan, as well as known carcinogens like propylene, glycol and fragrances.
  5. Get help from our doctor or aesthetician that may help you with guidance in developing a customized routine catered to your personal beliefs, budget and preferences that will solve your most annoying beauty peeves. Whether it is chronic acne or wrinkles, getting to the matter now and acting on it will make your life easier.

Resolutions can be hard to commit to, but your body is a priority. Your skin is a reflection of your body, so let’s make 2018 the year you commit to taking care of your skin!