Compliment your Skin Lifting Ultherapy with THIS Skin Brightening Procedure

Ultrasound Therapy – Ultherapy

Ultherapy is exactly what it sounds like: Ultrasound Therapy. Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to lift and tighten the skin of face and neck and reverse some of the laxity and sagging that occurs with age. This toning and tightening of your facial and neck skin can make you look years younger, giving you that youthful look that you want.


Why Ultherapy?

Unlike surgery, this cutting edge skin tightening and rejuvenating technology does not involve any cutting! Ultherapy takes the years back from the effects of time and gravity on your skin without any downtime. It uses focused ultrasound energy to produce changes in supporting tissues immediately under your skin. This triggers body’s own regenerative processes to produce new collagen, resulting in a tightening and lifting effect. As skin itself is bypassed by the process, Ultherapy does not leave any visible burns or scars, and there is no downtime. The effect of Ultherapy develops gradually over 3 months, producing a natural lift which restores the skin of the face, neck, and decollete to a more youthful state.


Compliment Your Ultherapy Treatment With BBL

After using Ultherapy for smooth, tighter skin, you can use Broadband Light (BBL) to clear your skin. BBL is a light-based therapy which allows us to reverse the signs and actual process of skin aging. This “photo-rejuvenation” can be applied to skin of the face, body, and hands, to reverse the signs of aging and sun damage.

How Does BBL Work?

BBL works by using the unique properties of light energy: different colors of light are absorbed differently by different components of skin. This allows us to precisely heat (and destroy) specific targets or components within skin, without damaging surrounding skin tissue. Examples of this would be BBL treatments used to clear away brown pigmented sun spots or unwanted blood vessels. As unwanted skin components are destroyed, the skin begins to heal by recruiting cells to repair and rebuild lost collagen. This results in decrease in the fine wrinkles and tightening of skin pores, giving skin a more radiant appearance and a smoother texture.

A “Forever Young BBL” study conducted at Stanford University showed that the effects on skin go far beyond visible rejuvenation. The skin also appears to be younger in it’s biochemical properties and composition.

So now, you can get tighter, smoother, more radiant, and clear skin by combining Ultherapy with BBL treatments!