Great gift ideas (other than flowers) for moms

Mother’s Day is happening in less than 2 weeks time. We’ve got some great skin treatment inspirations that will make your matriarch impressed and happy!

Rather than just getting her stunning but short-lived floral arrangements, pamper the lady with our top picks that will make her look and feel fabulous (with results that last):


Non-surgical facelift

Moms really deserve to be pampered! Get her a facelift that’ll lift her mood too. Medical Spa Club’s non-surgical facelift approach consists of a liquid facelift (with injectables of dermal fillers & botulinum toxins) + ultrasound facelift with Ultherapy to address sagging tissues, lost facial volume and wrinkles/fine lines. This combination of procedures delivers natural lasting results with little to no downtown.

Our patient was treated with Botulinum Toxins on the forehead and around the eyes, together with dermal fillers under the eyes and in the cheeks.

Check out our non-surgical facelift treatment page for more details.


Glowing skin treatments

Want to get your matriach that glow of healthy and radiant skin? Besides not tiring her for keeping things orderly in the house, one of our relaxing yet medical-grade facials is the instant fix she needs.

Our Signature Smooth Glow Facial helps her turn back time with our advanced luxurious skin resurfacing facial treatment that is combined with an anti-aging skincare line packed with active ingredients, to even out skin texture, reduce pigmentation, and restore skin radiance. For specific skin concerns, choose our Classic Purifying Facial which is tailored to the skin’s unique needs and types.

For more dramatic natural results, we offer therapies utilizing different clinically-proven technologies such as laser, light and radiofrequency (RF) for you to “wow” the boss of the house!

Lasers improve skin tone, texture, and coloration, which makes the skin appear firmer and tighter. Our signature treatment with laser technology is laser hair removal to remove unwanted hair, as a positive side effect, the treated areas will reveal better skin quality too due to the rejuvenating benefit of lasers.

Our star treatment, Broadband Light (BBL) therapy, uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to effectively treat a range of skin concerns, including acnerosaceaage spotssun spotsfine lines and wrinkles, and uneven texture. It is loved by many of our clients and very likely the mrs too!

Our Fractora treatment uses radiofrequency (RF) to heat the deeper layer to stimulate the production of collagen for skin tightening and to noticeably improve skin texture. Your matriach will have better skin tone and quality that can’t be overlooked by everybody else!

sun spots
Real Medical Spa Club patient – BBL treatment for pigmentation and skin tone brightening


Body contouring treatments

At Medical Spa Club, we have several fat elimination and body contouring treatments to help any mom achieve her body goal, or just to help her lose a few inches that have been bothering her. Our doctor is able to match her needs by designing her individualized treatment plan with different technologies. Choose from our CoolSculpting fat-freezing treatment, Vanquish ME bulk fat disruption procedure to BodyFX intensive fat melt and body tightening therapy (or all for synergy effect) for a more sculpted body.

Real clinical study patient photo. Subject had a full Coolsculpting treatment and then Vanquish ME procedure later

All of our body contouring treatments are clinically proven to target unwanted fat. Visit our body treatment section for more details.


Women’s Intimate Health

If your matriarch has been suffering menopausal symptoms such as dryness in vagina, vaginal looseness or urinary incontinence, there’s a great therapy for her serious consideration – the Viveve women’s intimate health therapy. Viveve is proven to deliver satisfactory results of vaginal tightening, fixing urine leakage and restoration of women’s sexual health.

Unlike surgical vaginal reconstruction procedures, Viveve is non-painful, single-session, in-office non-surgical treatment that does not require anesthesia. The Viveve system allows sufficient depth of penetration while maintaining patient comfort and safety. It has achieved consistent patient outcomes and demonstrated clinical evidence.

Learn more about the Viveve treatment here.