Beauty Treatments To Go For This Winter

We are approaching winter, so should your beauty regime. Apart from switching up your skin care routine for the cold and dry winter season, look no further if you’re planning to step up the game and go further for professional help. You’re at the right place to learn about several treatments at Medical Spa Club we believe that will make a difference in your look and feel.

Earlier we talked about why winter is a great season to kick start your CoolSculpting body shaping journey. This time, we’ll be focusing on skin rejuvenation treatments. Let’s see some of our cutting-edge favorites which will revive your skin:


Medical Facials

Power Gel Facial and hydrojelly mask

Even to oily skin on some days, the harsh cold and dry weather in winter can be challenging. If you have dry skin, you will definitely want to keep your skin well moisturized and hydrated at all time.

Home-use moisturizers and facial masks don’t work as expected? Our professional medical aesthetician knows how to take care of your skin by infiltrating the hydration and nutrients deeper down to your skin. Our Power Gel Facial and hydrojelly mask (we call it “Power Gel” because it works wonder) is uniquely formulated to soothe and calm your skin as well as target major skin concerns.

Our other powerful and nourishing facials use a beauty mixology of Alyria and Glo therapeutic-grade products to yield maximum results will leave you looking your very best. Our Signature Smooth Glow Facial for example, uses anti-aging skincare line that will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, even out skin texture, reduce pigmentation, and restore your skin’s radiance.

Learn more about our different specialty facials to treat different skin types that’ll quench your skin’s thirst.


BBL Photo-rejuvenation

BBL Phototherapy at Medical Spa Club

BBL uses the principle of “selective photo-thermolysis”, and as such targets unwanted vessels, pigment and signs of aging. This process also triggers healing mechanisms in skin, stimulating collagen production.

BBL has been a popular treatment for lines, wrinkles and folds, age / sun spots, facial vein conditions such as Rosacea and other skin blemishes due to its effective and reproducible results. Patients have been praising for its ability to restore their skin to its natural beauty, blending its natural colours and making it smoother, vibrant and younger looking.

If you haven’t heard it already, winter is the season that we call the “BBL Season”. This procedure is not recommended in spring and summer because of the sunshine that’ll increase the risk of sunburn. After the BBL procedure, you’ll be sensitive to UV light and you must avoid direct sun exposure until full healed. The shorter daytime in winter lowers the chance of sun exposure and hence lowers your skin sensitivity to sunlight and chance of getting sunburn.

Learn more about BBL here.


Laser Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing refers to a procedure whereby a certain thickness of superficial layers of skin is removed by a laser, allowing the treated skin to renew it-self as it heals. Same as BBL, lasers are recommended in winter time to lower the chance of skin sensitivity and sunburn.

The beauty of this process is the ability to train cells to grow back stronger, firmer and faster, so skin becomes smoother, tighter and more even in tone. If you have minor skin flaws that are affecting your skin quality, you may benefit from laser skin resurfacing treatments which promotes skin rejuvenation for a healthy, youthful appearance.


Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal by our Medical Aesthetician

To achieve the long-term solution for unwanted hair and smoother skin, there is a weapon you should consider: Laser Hair Removal. Our laser is safe for all skin tones and colours without hurting the surrounding skin tissues. More importantly, it works, and it works incredibly. Our laser is able to destroy the hair pigments whilst disabling future hair growth. Clients normally report very satisfactory results after 4-6 sessions. Moreover, you’ll see smoother skin in addition to hair reduction because of the benefits of lasers bring we just talked about.

It’s the perfect time to start your Laser Hair Removal journey now (if you haven’t already). After finishing your treatment sessions, you will be able to show off your smooth hairless skin and be sundress ready later in spring and summer.


Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a cosmetic procedure useful for treatment of a wide range of conditions including acnebrown spots and wrinkles. A controlled chemical burn (sounds terrible, but not necessarily so, as the severity of the “burn” is controlled) is triggered to produce a benefit rather than damage. The (controlled) injury that is inflicted onto the skin by a peel procedure stimulates the body’s healing process.

As the process promotes skin renewal, the results are a rejuvenated appearance of the treated area, less noticeable appearance of pigmentation and fine lines. This treatment is very useful tool in treating acne and pores, stimulating dermal collagen production, and addressing the tone and radiance of the skin, too.


Are you getting ready to look radiant during this winter season? Come to us to see what we can do for you to help you feel and look your best. Book your consultation today and discuss your skin concerns and needs with our doctor.

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