What Is The Best Time To Start Your CoolSculpting Fat-Freezing Journey?

CoolSculpting, is a fat reduction procedure through the cryolipolysis process, which uses cold temperatures to freeze off fat cells. It is a clinically effective treatment in body shaping and fat elimination of stubborn fat pockets that even rigorous diet and exercises can’t touch.

While there isn’t really a time in a year that you can’t do CoolSculpting, the fall & winter months or 4-6 months before a big event are the ideal times that you should consider starting your body sculpting journey for these reasons:


“I want to look perfect for the new year.”

After having done your CoolSculpting treatment, fat doesn’t instantly go away, even though the targeted fat cells have been killed. It’ll take as early as 6 weeks to 3 months to see results. Therefore, you’ll have to spare enough time for your new body shape to show. If you want to get ready to show off your new body in Spring time, you should schedule your consultation and have the treatment done in mid-fall the latest.


“I want to be sundress ready with my new beach body.”

Of course we’d want to let people see the difference! Wearing bikinis, shorts and skirts in the warmer months seems like a good way to show off your new sculpted body. By that it means having CoolSculpting in the colder months makes perfect sense because you can hide the post-treatment swelling (or bruising in some cases) in your winter clothes. When the swelling goes away, it’ll be a whole new day!


“I want to be the spotlight with my new body for the end-of-year Xmas party / wedding / big event!”

You should start your CoolSculpting journey as soon as possible as it’ll take time for your body to respond to the treatment. Usually it is suggested to schedule a consultation and then have the procedure done 4-6 months ahead. The reason why you should prepare more time before the event is because you’ll have enough time for the full results to show and in case after the 3-month mark you still don’t see improvement, you still have time to schedule an additional session to kill more fat cells and contour your body further.


“I want to accelerate the results. Is it possible?”

While treatment results are never guaranteed, there are ways to speed up the fat elimination process by combining different body treatments together.

To allow lymphatic drainage to flush out the dead fat cells killed during the treatment efficiently, it is strongly recommended to begin therapeutic hydration 3 days prior to your treatment by drinking at least 8 glasses or 2L of water throughout the day. Continued therapeutic hydration the day of and day after treatment should be carried out.

At Medical Spa Club, we have several non-surgical and effective body procedures to help you achieve your desired body goal. With Vanquish ME, a fat-melt body treatment that currently has the largest treatment spot size in industry, it can destroy more fat cells and produce a synergy effect. To intensively target fat deposits, we have BodyFX to help you suck and burn that stubborn fat pocket away with its deep tissue heating suction coupled negative vacuum technology.

For optimal results, it is important to discuss with our doctor thoroughly your realistic goals and timeline during consultation and follow the treatment plan established for you.


Treatment results after combining CoolSculpting and Vanquish ME:
Lost – (upr) 6cm, (mid) 7cm, (lwr) 5cm


So what are you waiting for? Book your assessment today with Dr. Pinkhasik to discuss your needs and plans to reach your body goals!