Perfect Intimate Gift For HER This Christmas

Stumbled on thinking what to gift your woman or women that you care this holiday season? What if there’s a perfect gift out there that’ll make her incredibly happy by boosting her confidence and letting her restore her intimate health?

According to our clinic doctor Dr. Paul Pinkhasik, Viveve® has been one of his top recommendations for women suffering from vaginal looseness, dryness, bladder leakage or reduced sexual health. This treatment works effectively in targeting the following problems:

  • Dry vagina due to insufficient lubrication
  • Decreased libido
  • Loss of sexual arousal
  • Reduced sexual satisfaction during intercourse
  • “Stress” Urinary Incontinence (SUI) / Bladder leakage

Viveve® is one of the advanced collagen-boosting treatments for fixing urine leakage and restoring women’s intimate health. It utilizes Cryogen Cooled Monopolar Radiofrequency (CMRF) which can effectively heat up the targeted tissues without damaging the surrounding tissues. The heat will promote collagen stimulation and formation and clinical result shows substantial tightening effect can sustain for about a year.

Our female clients would tell us how Viveve® changed their lives after having the procedure done. Viveve® is one of the top solutions at our clinic that offers this high level of transformation.

You can learn about Viveve® in depth here.


Viveve® empowers a woman and boosts her confidence

Urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction are common feminine problems.

Studies show more than 40% of women say urinary incontinence negatively impacts their sexual function, but less than half of them talk about the issues, mostly because of embarrassment, even though bladder leakage makes them a burden and wearing pads on a daily basis brings inconvenience.

Urine leakage affects a woman in different aspects of life, including work, exercise, socializing, sex or even as simple as laughing and coughing. Because of this, a woman may feel lonely, isolated, anxious or depressed. She may even stop doing what she used to like, such as exercising or playing sports, or even fear leaving the house. The stress of possible leakage can negatively her daily life and relationships greatly.

Even though bladder leakage is normal, but normal doesn’t mean OK. Let’s just say we can accept the fact that those problems are a part of life, but it doesn’t mean we should accept the fate and let them affect our daily lives, self-esteem and relationships with our partner. We need to get to the root of the problem, not just mask it with pads to manage the symptoms. Pads are better than nothing, but don’t you agree a woman can’t really stay poised wearing pads?

Urine leakage isn’t desirable, but it doesn’t mean it’s not manageable. Apart from training the pelvic floor muscles to stay strong so that it can control urination, Viveve® is clinically proven to rebuild and tighten the vaginal issues. This treatment is effective to provide support to the urethra (bladder opening).

Viveve® can make the woman you care get back control of her life, doing things she likes and wearing the dress she loves without worrying about being seen wearing a pad, the need of regularly changing, or the smell of it.


Viveve® enhances her sexual health, satisfaction and your relationship

Sexual function is comprised of a multitude of factors. Things like desire, satisfaction, pain, orgasm, arousal and lubrication are all involved. It can be negatively affected when a woman ages naturally, after giving childbirths and chemotherapy. Common causes can be vaginal tissues loosen up, or a change in hormones.

Understandably, sexual dysfunction and intimate topics aren’t easy to talk about and to be brought into a conversation. Some women simply bear the pain caused by vaginal dryness during intercourse. In fact, 38% of women with vaginal laxity reported their condition is significantly associated with parity, symptoms of prolapse, stress urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, reduced vaginal sensation during intercourse, and worse general sex life. It shows it is a highly prevalent condition that impacts significantly on a woman’s sexual health and quality of life. Loss of sexual arousal and pain due to insufficient lubrication can turn into a vicious cycle, ultimately affect a couple’s intimate relationship.

If your woman is suffering from vaginal dryness, vaginal laxity and appearing to have a drop in sexual satisfaction, don’t let these problems shy her away from sex, both physically and emotionally. She may just need a little help so she can enjoy sex again. Viveve® is right here to help her to be herself again and get you both back to your relationship like before.

Collagen isn’t just for the face and not just about appearance anymore. It’s about how she feels too. Viveve® treats the vaginal tissues and stimulates collagen to restore sensation. It improves sexual function: orgasm, lubrication and arousal. Research published in the Journal of Women’s Health shows that Viveve® therapy is associated with statistically significant and clinically important improvements in sexual function in women with vaginal laxity, in terms of sexual desire, arousal and orgasm.


Viveve®, a gift for her, that may benefit you too

Viveve® isn’t an ordinary gift. It is much more than that. It is women empowerment, in addition to putting the smile back on her. The woman that you care will gain back control of her independence and do things that she likes. She can say no to pads, but yes to staying poised.

Viveve® is also a sexual dysfunction treatment that restores and improves sexual health of your woman. She’ll be able to enjoy the way sex should feel like and have that romantic sexual connection with you again. Viveve® is an opportunity to let both of you enjoy sex life again and rebuild that special bond.


Let Viveve® be the perfect Christmas gift for her this year. Sign up for a consultation today with Dr. Pinkhasik for candidacy.