Preparing for Valentine’s Day: Skincare Tips

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and of course we want to look our best on this date. We’ve prepared you some useful tips on how to glow this Valentine’s Day with a clear, hydrated and refreshed look.

Note: these tips are not only good for this special day but also good guidelines to follow in advance of other big events!

  • Avoid the sun
    Minimize sun exposure and pollutants and always apply sunscreen when you go out to prevent sunburns and pigment spots from forming
  • Maintain healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise)
    Avoid food with high sugar content. Exercise keeps you good in shape and improves your metabolism, making you look healthy
  • Have adequate sleep
    Nothing compares to a good beauty sleep!
  • Take a detox bath
    It helps cleansing your skin and also relaxes your mind
  • Drink enough water
    Especially in this cold and dry weather in Canada. Hydrate yourself from within!
  • Moisturizing
    Make sure you apply enough moisturizer to look hydrated. Use cream or oil if you have dry skin
  • Apply effective skincare products containing active ingredients
    Such as retinol, vitamin C and peptides for everything you need for vital skin
  • Shave and wax for smooth and hairless skin
    A more economical solution is laser hair removal
  • Use mineral makeup products
    To minimize skin irritation

Step up the game a little bit more

If you have more budget to spare for this special event:

  • Consider last-minute filler treatment for immediate enhancement of your natural beauty:
    – if concealer is not enough to hide your dark under eye circles
    – get fuller sexy lips
  • Injectable botulinum toxins take years off your face by smoothing out lines and wrinkles.
  • Book a relaxing facial to freshen up your look. Instant glowing brighter rejuvenated skin!
  • Have a BBL phototherapy or laser treatment to brighten up your complexion.
  • Invest in a laser hair removal treatment as a long-term solution for unwanted hair reduction

Note: some treatments take time to reveal results. Always spare enough time before special events for the shine to show!

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We hope these tips get you gorgeous-looking ready. Have fun and good luck on Valentine’s Day!