Scar Revision

A scar is the body’s natural way of healing and replacing lost or damaged skin with dense collagenous “scar” tissue. Our scar revision treatment is meant to treat the scar so that it is more consistent with your surrounding skin tone and texture.


What Are The Types Of Scars?

There are several different types of scars dependent on how your body produces collagen in response to an injury.

  • Hypertrophic scars. Production of excessive amounts of collagen results in hypertrophic (thicker than “normal”) scars. These are raised, red scars that are similar to keloids but do not go beyond the boundary of the injury.
  • Keloid scars. These scars are the result of an overly aggressive healing process. They extend beyond the original injury. Over time, a keloid scar may hamper movement.
  • Contracture scars. If your skin has been burned, you may have a contracture scar. These scars tighten skin, which can impair your ability to move. Contracture scars may also go deeper, affecting muscles and nerves.
  • Atrophic scars. Production of insufficient amount of collagen, together with loss of underlying tissue, results in atrophic scars. These take form of a sunken recess in the skin, such as pitted scarring of acne or stretch marks which occur due to rupture of deeper dermal layer of skin during rapid growth or expansion (e.g. pregnancy, rapid weight gain, growth spurt).
  • Acne scars. If you have had severe acne, you probably have the scars to prove it. There are many types of acne scars, ranging from deep pits to scars that are angular or wavelike in appearance. Treatment options depend on the types of acne scars you have.


What Treatments Are Available?

At Medical Spa Club clinic in Richmond, B.C., we have several techniques and procedures available for treatment of unsightly scars that include ablative and a variety of non-ablative radio frequency and laser resurfacing treatments, intra-lesional injections, surgical resection and repair, and topical application of various medications. Available treatment options at our medical facility include:

  • Filler injections to even out bumps and indents in the skin
  • Botulinum injections to smooth the skin and the appearance of scars
  • Corticosteroid shots to make scars less visible. But steroid injections may have side effects, such as thinning the skin or changing its color
  • Chemical peels
  • Microneedling
  • Light therapies such as lasers and BBL
  • Heat therapies such as Fractora
  • Minor punch excision or subcision procedure to remove acne scars

Example treatment of pitted acne scars with Fractora at Medical Spa Club:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do scars form?

Scars occur when our body’s healing processes cannot replace injured tissue with the same type of tissue due to the degree of damage, and the damage is repaired with dense collagenous “scar” tissue. Sometimes the scarring process does not produce the correct amount of collagen required to repair the damage; in these situations, unsightly scars may result.

How to make scars look less visibile?

Medicated creams and gels can help reduce the appearance of the scars. For deeper scars, cosmetic procedures may be a more effective solution.

When is the best time to receive treatment?

The best results in scar removal are often achieved if the scar is treated when it is still fresh, before the dense collagenous tissue is completely organized.

When is the best treatment for me?

Everybody’s condition is different and unique so a good treatment is an individualized treatment plan established by a certified professional depending on the severity of your scars.

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