The Best Time/Season For Lasers and Why

Have you grasped the chance to do what you have planned for this summer? Summer is many people’s favourite as it is the season of sunshine, warmer weather,  school vacation and endless fun. While summer is a perfect time for many activities, it is not recommended to get your laser treatment done during this time of the year. Here’s why:


Laser treatments temporarily make you more sun sensitive

After each treatment, our skin will become more sensitive to sun exposure. Nearly all laser treatments will leave the skin sensitive, even with a minimally invasive laser session. Post-treatment sun exposure not only irritates our skin, but may also compromises the treatment results. Wearing shorter the thinner clothes during the warmer months of longer daylights and more sunshine makes excessive sun exposure easier to happen and greatly increases the chance of skin sensitivity. That fresh, new skin we uncover during a laser skin resurfacing treatment is not used to being exposed to the elements and, as such, will be particularly sensitive to the sun.

No one likes sun irritation, sun burns and sun damages right?


It takes time to heal

Using laser hair removal as an example, on average it takes approximately five treatments to achieve satisfactory hair reduction. Treatments are spaced at least a few weeks apart. The smooth skin surface after the laser treatment will be particularly sensitive to the sun – for the next few months!


What is the best time to do lasers?

It makes fall the perfect time to start laser hair removal and spring / summer the picture-perfect time to see it through. The lovely weather in summer and spring are often good times for outdoor activities and gatherings. When spring blooms and summer arrives, we’ll be ready to show off the best results with our warm-weather wardrobe.

Fall and Winter are both wonderful seasons to have laser procedures. We can then enjoy the benefits lasers bring and be ready for spring break getaway and summer get-together events after completion of treatment. Starting October, the fall season will begin in B.C. From October until March are the perfect months to have your laser treatment.

One thing to note is, do not forget sun protection. even though fall and winter are good months to have lasers, we should still make sure we have sufficient sun protection in place. We still need to wear sunscreen every day and avoid the sun as much as we can. New skin is more likely to be damaged and change colour from sunlight.


Plan ahead and get yourself prepared

Even though it is sad to see summer slowly fading away, it means the “Season of Lasers” is finally coming. Medical Spa Club offers lasers such as BBL Photofacial for skin rejuvenation and Laser Hair Removal to get your skin and body ready for the new year ahead. As for sun protection, we have got it covered too, of course! We are carrying sunscreen products with SPF30 and higher. Ask our friendly staff for skin care product details and purchase.

Are you excited as we are to kick off the Fall Season for a better look and feel?