Ever wanted to take a break from your daily stresses by hopping into a sauna?
Now you can!
Whether you wish to take a series of sauna sessions to reap the many health benefits now known to be affected by regular use of saunas, or whether you just want to take time off from your day to relax, Medical Spa Club offers one of the best equipped sauna facilities available in Lower Mainland.

Whatever your sauna preference is, you will most likely find it here, with the assortment of dry Finnish sauna, Wet steam sauna, and Far Infra-red sauna.
In addition to being used for relaxation, our saunas are used in conjunction with our weight-loss / slimming program, as a recovery tool in our fitness program, and for the variety of health benefits offered by the regular use of saunas.

Clean towels are provided in house. There are also very comfortable male and female locker rooms, clean showers, and water dispensers just outside the sauna to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Sit, absorb the warmth, and relax.

Dry Finnish Sauna

Enjoy the aroma of cedar as you relax on the benches of the wood-paneled room heated to 90 degrees Celsius.
There are important health benefits of a Finnish Sauna: blood pressure is lowered, heart activity is increased, toxins are washed from your skin, and it is said that saunas aid in losing inches as well. The heat feels very relaxing, and will help to soothe any muscle or joint aches you might have.
Be warned, however:
As the use of saunas lowers blood pressure, if you have low blood pressure already, take it slow. For your first visit, stay in the sauna only a few minutes and increase your sessions gradually. If you are pregnant, a sauna visit is not advisable. The same goes for wearers of pacemakers.

Wet Steam Sauna

For heat lovers: this room is kept hot by steam produced by a steam generator. Once this room has been heated for about an hour (and the masonry walls had become warm), the inside air temperature reaches approximately 60 degrees Celsius. This humid heat feels hotter than the 90 degrees Celsius in dry sauna (skeptics are invited to come in and try for them-selves).
Some may prefer the moist heat of the steam sauna. Steam inhalation is often used for treating bronchitis, sinusitis and allergies so people with these conditions may benefit from the use of a steam sauna. Adding aromatherapy scent (such as eucalyptus oil) will further enhance your enjoyment.

Far Infra-red Sauna

Far infra-red saunas have become a hot item (no pun intended) in recent years. In this sauna, the walls and floor are clad with special infrared emitters. The air remains relatively cool while the far infrared sauna’s energy penetrates deeply into the body producing a warming, relaxing and detoxifying effect.

Far infrared radiation is claimed to have numerous health benefits. This has recently become the subject of several studies, with many of the various claimed benefits indeed being substantiated. Besides being promoted as an effective tool to aid in weight loss and cellulite reduction (you can burn 300 Cal in 30 minutes of relaxing in the sauna, as the body is expending energy in order to cool off, equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging for a 150 lb person), among other claimed benefits are cardiovascular benefits, relief of joint and muscle pain, improvement in immune function, lowering of blood pressure, and general improvement in sense of well being and vitality.

Sauna Tips

  1. Each time you use sauna, start gradually. Stay in only as long as you are comfortable, increasing the time with each visit.
  2. Rinse your body or take a shower each time before starting sauna session
  3. Have a small towel to place under your body when you sit in the sauna, and one to wipe sweat (bacteria reasons)
  4. Remove all unnecessary items (watch, glasses, rings etc). They may heat-up and cause you discomfort or injury
  5. Drink a lot of water/green tea (preferably) before or after each time you enter a sauna.

Safety Precautions

  1. Don’t get involved in “horse play” while in sauna.
  2. Don’t Sleep while in sauna; better just relax and meditate.
  3. Don’t Eat within 2 hours prior to your sauna
  4. Don’t Drink Alcohol prior to or while in sauna
  5. People with heart ailments or respiratory diseases need to avoid the sauna, and anyone with chronic ailments needs to check first with his or her doctor.
  6. If you are pregnant, have high blood pressure or heart disease, you’ll want to consult a doctor first before starting a sauna program.


  • How to take a sauna at the health club?
    If you find that the sauna temperature is set higher than you like, don’t decide in advance how long you’ll stay in. Let your body tell you. Get out as soon as it feels like you’ve had enough, even if you’ve only been in for a few minutes. Over time you will become conditioned, and will be able to enjoy higher temperatures for longer periods of time, but it can take several sessions.
    Bring in enough towels so you don’t have to touch the hot wood surfaces
    In addition to being more comfortable, your sauna experience will be more hygienic.
    Be careful what you drink before taking a sauna
    Bringing water to drink while in sauna will make your sauna experience much more pleasant. Avoid the sauna entirely if you’ve had an alcohol-containing drink.
  • What you can expect to happen in the sauna?
    Sitting in a hot sauna will cause you to sweat. However, not everyone starts sweating right away. If you are not accustomed to being in a sauna, it may take you a few minutes. As you use sauna more regularly, your sweating response will improve. Your body expends energy to produce sweat, so there will be a weight loss benefit additional to the water loss. Again, remember to bring water into the sauna, and drink to replenish the lost fluids.
  • How often is it okay to take a sauna?
    If you’re a healthy person – or one whose health issue doesn’t prevent sauna use – you can take a sauna every day! In fact, you can sauna more than once a day, if you like.

Use of saunas is included for our Aesthetician Loyalty Program Members. If you are not a member, and would like to use our sauna facilities, please call our front desk at (604)284-5501