Medical Spa Club Facials

A professional facial is an essential part of good skin care. Our facials use a beauty mixology of Alyria and Glo Therapeutic products, both have the most active ingredients without a doctor’s prescription.

Each visit with our aesthetician start with a thorough skin analysis, to determine your skin condition and the best course of treatment. You may choose from any of our wonderful facials or choose an individually tailored facial to yield maximum results for your skin and will leave you looking your very best. Our facials include the following:


Signature Smooth Glow Facial

Turn back time with our advanced skin resurfacing Microdermabrasion facial treatment. This luxurious facial is combined with a luxurious anti-aging skincare line that will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, even out skin texture, reduce pigmentation, and restore your skin’s radiance. This facial is effective on all skin types and has instant results for smoother, brighter and younger looking skin. Our signature facial includes deep cleansing, extractions, head-face-neck-decollete massage, and finishing with a customized mask and LED light therapy.
90 minutes | $150

ENDOCARE Snail Essence Facial

This facial harnesses the power of nature to provide clinically advanced natural skin regeneration. Excellent for to smooth wrinkles and fine lines. This facial will turn back time, and give back your youthful appearance. It is able to do this due to the unique SCA Biorepair Technology natural-growth-factor ingredient.
60 minutes | $140


Acne Clarifying Facial

Designed specifically for congested and acneic skin. This renewing facial, combine’s salicylic and glycolic acid, along with our medical grade skincare to effectively reduce acne bacteria, sebum and toxins in the skin that causes acne. Include light therapy treatment to target acne and prevent future breakouts. This clinical treatment will minimize the appearance of acne lesions, stabilize oil production, soothes inflammation, and improves the appearance of skin imperfections.
60 minutes | $115

Back/Decollete Acne Treatments

Banish back breakouts with this medical-strength treatment designed specifically for your back and shoulders or décolleté. A combination of exfoliating glycolic acid, antiseptics, antioxidants and hydrating agents deep-cleans pores for clear, blemish-free skin.
60 minutes | $105

Specialty Facials

Brightening Facial

For All Skin Types
Revitalize tired, dull skin from the inside out with a powerful blend of antioxidants, brighteners and moisturizing agents designed to treat hyperpigmentation and even tone – resulting in a more luminous complexion. This treatment includes gentle exfoliation, relaxing massage and a nourishing mask. Your day looks brighter already.
60 minutes | $115

Pro 5

For Oily Skin
For clearer, invigorated glo-ing skin, look no further. This unique professional exfoliation treatment balances results with no downtime. After smoothing and optional extractions, skin is hydrated and cooled with our most calming mask. While all skin types will benefit, a combination of reparative antioxidants and healing anti-inflammatories make this treatment especially suited for oily skin.
60 minutes | $115

Dry/Dehydrated Treatment

For Dry Skin
Hydrate, soften and revitalize dry, dehydrated skin with this ultra nourishing treatment, includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, masking and deep moisturization to restore vital moisture to the skin and seal it in to prevent moisture loss.
60 minutes | $115

Power Flower & Cucumber Gel Mask

For Sensitive Skin
Best known for its soothing and cooling effects, cucumber relieves puffiness, irritation and dehydration while also helping reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles – making it a go-to for all skin types, not just sensitive!
This facial is combined with Hibiscus & Pumpkin extract that revitalizes the skin with fruit enzymes. It gently removes superficial dead skin cells. Flower extracts contribute to mild organic acids to gently stimulates and tone skin while providing antioxidant protection.
60 minutes | $115

Diamond Microdermabrasion $90 (45 Mins) | 3 Series $240

This superior skin resurfacing procedure stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, restoring your skin to a firmer, smoother and more youthful state.
45 minutes | $90 –  3 Series $240

Revitalizing Fall Peel (Microdermabrasion + Lactic Acid Peel)

Smooths, hydrates and brightens, improving the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation discoloration.
60 minutes | $180

High Frequency Facial Treatment

High frequency is a skin care treatment that has been shown to enhance blood circulation, increase collagen and elastin production, eliminate toxins and acne-causing bacteria, encourage lymphatic drainage, exfoliate dead skin cells and improve skin care product absorption.
20 minutes | $50

Add-on Led Light Therapy (stimulates collagen & reduce acne inflammation) | $20

Add-on High Frequency | $ 15

Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting $15 each | $25 both