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Weight Loss Clinic



You can achieve your weight goals, switch your metabolism into slimming mode with trainer-guided exercise, right nutrition, and medical supervision.
Anyone who tried to lose weight will vouch that while achieving your desired weight loss is not an easy task, keeping the weight off long term is even more difficult.

Caloric restriction alone (“starving”) does not work for long term. The good news is that you don’t have to starve to lose weight! It has now been established that some foods prevent weight loss, while other foods accelerate weight loss. You can lose weight more easily if your diet is optimized to consume more foods that accelerate weight loss while avoiding foods that prevent weight loss. Furthermore, proper nutrition is only one aspect of a successful weight loss program.

The process of achieving your weight loss goal involves discipline, knowledge, and life style modification.


Let Us Show You How To Lose Weight Without Starving

For most people who wish to lose weight, the weight gain did not happen overnight; the extra weight accumulated gradually, due to constellation of several factors including possibly changes in metabolism and hormone levels, illness, pregnancy, lifestyle changes that lead to a change in level of physical activity and/or to a change in eating habits. These changes usually occur gradually and become ingrained, making them difficult to reverse. However, with a systematic approach you can shed the extra weight, and maintain your weight loss long term.

Our team of physician-guided personal trainers will implement a fitness program specifically designed with your goals and limitations in mind, while our nutritionist and physician team guide you on the proper diet. Our program also helps you change your eating and activity habits, enabling you to maintain your weight loss.

Our individualized medical weight loss program consists of 4 phases: assessment, induction, transition, and maintenance.
Assessment Phase begins with a detailed metabolic and fitness assessment by our team of physician, nutritionist, and personal trainers in order to determine your physiological profile. Your strengths, weaknesses, and needs relevant to your weight loss goals are determined. This phase will last 1 week and will consist of 3 clinic visits.


Induction Phase

The doctor and nutritionist will start you on a customized low-calorie high nutrient diet designed for rapid, safe weight loss. This will be combined with behavioral counseling designed to help you break your bad eating habits and gain more control over your eating behavior than ever before. Your personal trainer will teach you proper exercise techniques, getting you ready for the next phase in our program. Depending on your health condition, you may also start with therapeutic sauna sessions which will aid you in your efforts towards achieving your weight loss goal. This phase of the program lasts 2 weeks.



Phase is the phase in the program when you should notice progress towards your weight and fitness goals. You will notice an improvement in the way you look and feel. The doctor and nutritionist will continue to monitor your diet. You will progress in your fitness program with the help of our personal trainers under doctors guidance. Your health status will be monitored, as your requirements for your chronic medications may decrease. You may no longer require some of your prescribed medications to treat chronic conditions as your health conditions may improve. This phase of the program will typically last 10 weeks.


Maintenance Phase Of The Program Consists Of 2 Parts: Consolidation And Continuation.



Your weight and fitness have improved. You are more fit and active, making healthier meal and lifestyle choices, leading a healthier lifestyle. You may be completely off some of the medications you were taking to treat a chronic health condition. It’s a new beginning, but the changes you worked so hard to develop have to be assimilated and become ingrained into your lifestyle to ensure your long term success. During this phase of the program you may continue to lose weight and improve your fitness level, or you may choose to just maintain your achieved levels, depending on your personal goals. This phase of the program typically lasts 12 weeks.



This phase of the program entails ongoing applications of the principles learned and changes developed in the preceding sections of the program, helping you to stay on track for the long term. It can involve participation in many of the fitness programs we offer, and ongoing use of the club resources such as education sessions, nutritionist, personal trainers, and periodic metabolic and fitness assessments, all of which are services available to Medical Spa Club Members, and help maintain the beneficial changes developed through participation in our Medical Weight Loss and Fitness programs.