In the past, treatment of vaginal laxity and urinary incontinence required surgery with all the discomfort, downtime, and surgical risks that follow. Recent technological advances led to development of new non-surgical treatments that utilize various energy devices that can provide relief in many cases.

The Viveve® Solution finally arrives at Medical Spa Club in Richmond B.C. to administer vaginal tightening treatment and help women to address bladder control problem and sexual dysfunction.

Viveve® Medical is the first company in the women’s intimate health space to have completed a randomized, blinded placebo-controlled study.

The Viveve System provides sustained tissue tightening and strengthening by substantially heating the tissue at depth. The Viveve System’s patented, cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) is unique in its ability to deliver volumetric heat in order to stimulate robust neocollagenesis. This can be accomplished in just ONE session.

Delivered by the internationally patented Viveve® System, Geneveve™ is the only Health Canada licensed radiofrequency device that delivers treatment to improve sexual function.

Collagen isn’t just for your face anymore

In our assessment, Viveve® is a very effective feminine rejuvenation treatment. It works via a small, cryogen-cooled probe to protect the tissue, with the effect reaching deeper into the vaginal walls with radio frequency waves, stimulating collagen production to reinvigorate the tissue which result in significant tightening of vaginal muscles very effectively and painlessly.


Surgery is no more the only solution 

Unlike surgical vaginal reconstruction procedures, Viveve® is non-painful, single-session, in-office non-surgical treatment that does not require anesthesia. The Viveve® system allows sufficient depth of penetration while maintaining patient comfort and safety. It has achieved consistent patient outcomes and demonstrated clinical evidence. After your procedure you will be able to drive yourself home and resume your daily activities.


Benefits and Positive Side Effects

Viveve® is proven to deliver satisfactory results1 of vaginal tightening, fixing urine leakage and restoration of women’s sexual health.

  • Non-surgical and painless
  • Safe and effective; clinical results last 1 year or more2
  • Procedure only takes an hour
  • Respectable and discreet
  • Aids women’s intimate health with improved sensation, increased lubrication and enhanced arousal
1 A clinical study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2018 showed that the majority of participants (93%) reported significant and sustained improvement in sexual function after 1 treatment; they were 3 times less likely to have vaginal laxity at the 6-month mark as opposed to the untreated group.
2 Positive patient outcomes have been reported with results sustained at 12 months in clinical studies.


Gain your power back

Stop urinary incontinence and start enjoying the activities you love.
Feel the joy from greater sexual sensation.

Before administering a Viveve® treatment at Medical Spa Club in Richmond B.C., Dr. Pinkhasik will carefully assess your health condition and discuss your concerns, risks, and benefits in detail, in order to maximize your comfort and safety during the procedure and a successful outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this procedure cost?

One treatment starts from $2,900.

Please schedule a consultation with our doctor and discuss your treatment needs and cost in details.

What Are The Risks and Concerns of Vaginal Tightening Procedures?

Some considerations you should take into account:

  • Invasive procedures: candidacy; pain; hospital stay; long recovery time; may decrease urinary retention and create immune reaction
  • Non-surgical vaginal tightening or vaginoplasty procedures such as Viveve, Emsella, DiVa, ThermiVa, FemiLift, VotiVa, and others: durability; safety; effectiveness; comfort level during procedure; recovery time

One has to exercise caution in selecting a procedure, as there is a wide range of both effectiveness and safety of these procedures depending on the platform selected and the patient’s health condition. When patient is properly assessed, and proper treatment platform is selected, the risks and discomfort are minimized.

How Does Viveve Differ From Other Laser Procedures?

Both RF and laser technologies used for vaginal laxity treatment aims to stimulate collagen production over time.

Viveve uses Radio frequency (RF) technology to produce a more effective response than laser procedures, because it reaches deeper into the vaginal walls’ muscle layers, resulting in a significant tightening of vaginal muscles. It is the only clinically proven single treatment approach for tightening vaginal introital tissue. Results show 93% of women in the active group showed a positive change in arousal and/or orgasm; 8 out of 10 patients report significant change: “life-changing”.

In summary, Viveve with RF technology has the following advantages over other laser therapies for feminine rejuvenation in terms of:

  • Energy delivery: RF delivers uniform volumetric heat. Lasers produce localized heating at very high power that could result in serious burns if not handled properly
  • Cooling and Safety: Viveve is equipped with a cooling device to cool the surface tissue for protection. Most other devices do not come with a cooling feature.
  • Number of sessions: Viveve requires just one session while other laser therapies require at least 2-3 sessions as a full treatment.

Is Viveve Painful?

Unlike surgical vaginal reconstruction procedures, Viveve is non-surgical and non-invasive. You will not be going under the knife – Viveve utilises radio frequency technology to tighten the vaginal tissues. Thus, the Viveve experience is non-painful.

How Long Does A Viveve Session Take?

In general, it is quick to perform a Viveve session, taking about just an hour.

How Many Viveve Sessions Do I Need?

Everyone’s condition is different. Many patients report improvements after just one single session. Some patients find more than one treatment maybe desired over time.

Please schedule an assessment with our doctor to find out your customized treatment plan.

When Will I See Results?

You may already see results after just one single session.

Your body responds to the treatment by generating new and restoring existing collagen. The natural collagen rebuilding process begins immediately and continues gradually over 30–90 days. Typically, women feel the results in about 30 days and the full effect at about 90.

Sustained results documented at 12 months. Some patients find more than one treatment maybe desired over time.

What is the downtime? What are the side effects and complications?

There’s no downtime, and you can resume normal activities immediately – but you’ll need to avoid sexual intercourse for 48-72 hours. Temporary side effects such as redness, swelling, or a tingling sensation are mild and usually resolve quickly.

Unlike vaginal surgeries, no major side effects or complications have been reported by Viveve patients in clinical studies.

Am I A Suitable Candidate For Viveve?

Everyone’s condition is different, but in general your eligibility starts when you are over 18 years old and at least 6 months post-delivery and/or 6 months post-nursing. Viveve is effective to deliver satisfactory results of improving low to mild vaginal laxity.

Viveve is not an option if you have any implantable electric device e.g. a pacemaker or automatic implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (AICD).

Please schedule a consultation with our doctor to discuss further and find out if you are a suitable candidate for the Viveve treatment.

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