Body Recontouring

Weight gain, dieting, the trials and tribulations of exercising, it can be difficult getting our bodies looking as good as we’d like. Often diet and exercise leave stubborn love-handles, or fat along the thighs, our belly, and hips. We can help you reshape your body with our body recontourinng procedures.

What is it?

Our body recountouring treatment are non-invasive procedures that reduce your fat and tighten your skin. Our treatment will reshape, redefine, tighten, tone, and/or improve the overall appearance of the physique.

What treatments are available

At Medical Spa Club, we have a variety of non-surgical body recontouring procedures available that focus on improving different areas of the body including the abdomen, arms and thighs:

Before & Afters

The following is an example of body recontouring (abdominal tightening) with our ACCENT-RF Unipolar procedure:


Results may very from person to person

Here is another example of body recontouring (abdominal tightening) with our ACCENT-RF Unipolar procedure:


Results may very from person to person

The following is an example of arm tightening with our ACCENT-RF Unipolar procedure:


Results may very from person to person


  • How long will it last?
    Just as with liposuction, once fat cells are removed from the treatment area the results are expected to be long lasting, as long as you maintain your weight with a healthy diet and exercise.
  • How long will it take to see results?
    Final results vary from patient to patient; by age, area treated, amount of fat removed, and individual healing rates. Some patients see immediate results that continue to become even more impressive. Others experience minor swelling so that it takes a few months until the final results can be appreciated, even though substantial amounts of fat may have been removed.As a general rule, young patients tend to heal quicker and have less discomfort (although final results often take longer because young patients retain fluid longer than older patients). The timing for results also varies by area. Some, like the chin, show almost immediate improvement while other areas, like the abdomen, take longer for final results. There is no way to predict ahead of time your healing speed, fluid retention, or how quickly you will see the final results. On average however, most patients enjoy 80% of their ultimate results within three to four months following their procedure.

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