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6 Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter weather is not fun for your skin. The winter brings cold weather and low humidity resulting in dry air that steals the moisture away from your skin. The winter also brings cold dry winds, which can make it worse. Without care, your skin can lead to cracks and, in some cases, bleeding can occur. Learn how to give your winter skin care a boost while reduce chapping, redness, itching, and dry skin with the following tips.

5 Winter Skin Care Tips


During the winter season, most of us have experienced some sort of dryness in our skin. Here are five winter skin care tips that will make your skin feel soft and hydrated.

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Let’s just say it, winter is one of the worst seasons for our skin.

Seeing the winter forecast on the local news or on your favorite weather app will make you fringe, but actually feeling it is usually even worse. From being outside in sub-zero temperatures with chilly winds to walking back into your house with the heat on full blast will have an adverse effect on your skin. “It becomes a really bad cycle, which you should address before it gets really cold out, so right now is the best time” says Ewelina Kisiolek, our Medical Aesthetician & Laser Technician. “Your skin will become dry, irritated, and sensitive” she further states.

So, here, just in the nick of time, are helpful tips to protect your skin. This will help you to getting soft and smooth skin all winter long.

Winter Makeup Trend: "No Makeup" Makeup


Winter makeup is not all about dark colours, it’s more about taking care of your skin to really bring out the beauty. The foundation to a great look is great skin, so proper maintenance with cleansers, moisturizers, serums and of course sunscreen is essential. Here are some trends for this winter season.

No Make Up


With no makeup makeup making a comeback again this season, it’s all about finding your perfect base. The most important thing in creating a natural look is to find the right color for your skin and the best place to color match is along your jaw line. Have a professional makeup artist help you determine what is the best shade for you. Remember to prime/moisturize before applying your concealer. Follow with foundation, using a large kabuki brush in a circular motion and sparingly. You can always add more.

Bold Brows


If you haven’t started growing out your eyebrows, now is the time! This trend isn’t going anywhere so make sure you have the perfect eyebrow shape. Bold doesn’t mean bushy so keep your brows well-groomed with a brow-set gel and comb. Add a little colour and definition to your brows with a powder or pencil product. If you are having a hard time shaping, go see a professional who can make sure your brows suit your face shape and enhance your features.



Vampy lips, Wine-stained lips, Red lips, Pink lips, Plum lips and dark berry tones are great for the winter holiday season.

Pink And Peach Blush


A hint of colour on the cheeks is a great choice for this cold season to brighten up your face. The key to wearing peach or pink blush is not to go overboard. Apply a sweeping of pink to the apples of cheeks while smiling for a flush of colour.

So remember to protect your skin from getting overly dry by using a moisturizer every day and applying lip balm to your lips. Apply your foundation lightly but ensure it covers everything to give you a natural, flawless look.