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Skin Care Tips for Valentine’s

One doesn’t ask for much, maybe a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant, a lovely love letter, roses or a nice gift makes one feel good on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re celebrating it with a loved one, or just feel like pampering yourself, it’s always nice to look good. Click here for skin care tips to looking beautiful on this special day.

Get Smooth Lips

Exfoliate this kissers! Apply a bit of lip balm or Vasoline to a separate toothbrush and brush your lips. It’ll remove the dead skin from you lips.

Get Sexy-looking Lips

Use a lip plumper and add some colour. Try a tinted balm or try a sexy colour that will make them stand out.

Get Smooth Skin

For nice smooth skin, you will want to moisturize, so apply a creamy balm containing petrolatum, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, dimethicone, or ceramides. Avoid waxy formulas because their ingredient may not penetrate, as well as anything heavily flavored or fragranced, which can make the chapping even worse.

Get on the fragrance

You want to smell great and an easy way to do it is by picking your favorite fragrance and apply it to your pulse points, which give off heat and release the scent: your wrists, inner elbows, temples, neck hollow, behind the ears, and behind the knees. Apply no more than two drops of perfume, three sprays of eau de parfum, and four hits of eau de toilette. And since, over time, you become desensitized to the smell of a fragrance, resist the urge to pile it on, and stick to the amount you used when you first wore the fragrance.

Get smooth skin

You want that touch to be smooth for your partner, so to get the smoothest shave every, you will want to choose a razor with at least five blades. Once you’re in the shower or bath, wait three minutes for warm water to soften hair. Instead of soap (it clogs your razor), use a shaving cream or gel (it creates a smooth barrier between your skin and the blades). In a pinch, hair conditioner or a creamy body wash can work.
For legs: Start above the ankle and work upward in six-inch sections. Rinse the razor between each stroke. To get your knees and ankles, pull the skin taut with one hand and glide the razor with the other.
For underarms: Shave at different angles, since the hair grows every which way. Move the blade upward, then down, then across, rinsing it clean and re-lathering between strokes.
For the bikini line: Avoid irritation by angling the blade in the direction of hair growth and gently shaving with the grain.

Get a Great Wax

For those areas where shaving isn’t always the best, then there is nothing romantic about getting a bikini wax. When booking though, make sure your hair has to be long enough—about a quarter-inch—for wax to work. Book your appointment accordingly, about every two to four weeks.
Prep your skin: For the closest wax, exfoliate with a body wash containing salicylic acid before your appointment, but don’t apply any lotion.

Get that sexy look

Don’t Forget Your Cleavage! A stunning face has a lesser effect if the skin on your chest, or rather your cleavage, is riddled with acne and brown spots. If you’re looking to wear a low neck top and show off all of your beauty, then make sure your using your favorite anti-aging cream here and use it just twice a week. Also, on the special night, sweep an illuminating body powder, and make yourself even sexier.

Winter Makeup Trend: "No Makeup" Makeup


Winter makeup is not all about dark colours, it’s more about taking care of your skin to really bring out the beauty. The foundation to a great look is great skin, so proper maintenance with cleansers, moisturizers, serums and of course sunscreen is essential. Here are some trends for this winter season.

No Make Up


With no makeup makeup making a comeback again this season, it’s all about finding your perfect base. The most important thing in creating a natural look is to find the right color for your skin and the best place to color match is along your jaw line. Have a professional makeup artist help you determine what is the best shade for you. Remember to prime/moisturize before applying your concealer. Follow with foundation, using a large kabuki brush in a circular motion and sparingly. You can always add more.

Bold Brows


If you haven’t started growing out your eyebrows, now is the time! This trend isn’t going anywhere so make sure you have the perfect eyebrow shape. Bold doesn’t mean bushy so keep your brows well-groomed with a brow-set gel and comb. Add a little colour and definition to your brows with a powder or pencil product. If you are having a hard time shaping, go see a professional who can make sure your brows suit your face shape and enhance your features.



Vampy lips, Wine-stained lips, Red lips, Pink lips, Plum lips and dark berry tones are great for the winter holiday season.

Pink And Peach Blush


A hint of colour on the cheeks is a great choice for this cold season to brighten up your face. The key to wearing peach or pink blush is not to go overboard. Apply a sweeping of pink to the apples of cheeks while smiling for a flush of colour.

So remember to protect your skin from getting overly dry by using a moisturizer every day and applying lip balm to your lips. Apply your foundation lightly but ensure it covers everything to give you a natural, flawless look.