Varicose Veins Myths are Debunked

There are a lot of myths about varicose veins, so we asked Dr. Pinkhasik which ones he is commonly asked and his answers.

Varicose Veins Are an Inevitable Sign of Aging.

Aging definitely worsens varicose veins, though not everyone gets them. “It’s a degenerative process that gets worse and more prominent as we age,” says Dr. Pinkhasik.

Men are immune to Varicose Veins.

“Sorry guys, but you may be on the ropes of still getting these ropy veins.” says Dr. Pinkhasik. “Varicose veins can occur both in men or women.”

Varicose veins are only cosmetic.

Dr. Pinhasik say this is untrue. “Varicose veins develop because of an underlying problem with the venous valves that keep blood from flowing in the right direction.”

You Don’t Need Treatment if You’re Young.

Young people can get varicose veins. The myth is varicose veins will come back if treated when you’re young. Dr. Pinkhasik says “On the contrary, the younger the individual the greater the benefit of the treatment, in the sense of preventing both the development of additional varicose veins and of skin changes. Also, the cosmetic result is expected to be better.”

(Varicose vein assessments require a Doctor’s Referral)