What are warts?


Warts are small rough growths on the skin, most commonly affecting hands and feet, although any area of skin or mucous membranes can be affected. They often resemble a small cauliflower or a solid blister. They are caused by viruses of the “human papillomavirus” type. Although most of papilloma viruses do not cause any symptoms, some will cause growth of warts, while others are now known to be causing certain cancers such as cervical cancer in women.


Warts can be treated with either an application of topical medications, or with a variety of procedures.

Medications used for treatment of warts include various strength applications of Salicylic acid, Podophyllum resin, Catharidin, Fluorouracil, or Imiquimod.

Procedures include cryotherapy (usually with liquid Nitrogen), laser procedures (YAG, Pulsed dye, or CO2), cautery, or (in rare cases) excision.

As personal situation and response to treatment may vary, the treatments are customized to fit each person’s unique situation.

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