Vaginal Laxity

Vaginal laxity and urinary incontinence are one of the most common health concerns among women. Childbirth, aging, and certain medical conditions affect collagen levels in the skin and vaginal tissue, creating a feeling of looseness. Women dealing with this problem usually experience:

  • decreased libido
  • loss of sexual arousal
  • reduced sexual satisfaction during intercourse
  • “stress” urinary incontinence (SUI)

At Richmond Medical Spa Club  clinic, we have a variety of treatments that can help you achieve your desired results regarding vaginal laxity. Feel free to book a complimentary consultation with us for more information!

There are a number of treatments you can do for looseness in the vaginal area:

  1. Viveve

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Treat Looseness in Vagina?

There are a number of treatments that we can do for the looseness sensation in vaginal area. Come in for a consultation to discuss your options!

How To Stop Bladder Leakage?

We provide solutions for bladder leakage which improves quality of life. Come in for more information!

Are Consultations With The Doctor Free?

We require your MSP card number for medical consultations to be complimentary.

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