rosaceaRedness, facial flushing, little dilated blood vessels, and pimples.

This problem is as frustrating as it had been difficult to treat. What makes it even worse is that rosacea does not improve with age and can persist life-long. It is aggravated by dietary indiscretions, alcohol, changes in air temperature, emotions, and physical exercise.

More recently, more effective remedies for skin manifestations of rosacea came with development of laser and light technologies that target red color in your skin. These laser and light technologies, now available for treatment of rosacea, utilize “Broad Band Light (BBL) and Nd:YAG laser procedure called “Laser Painting”. Both procedures are well tolerated; many find laser painting pleasant, commenting that it feels like “a gentle jet of warm water massaging the face”. The result is photo-coagulation of the troublesome blood vessels, shrinkage of sebaceous glands with tightening of pores, and an overall improvement in skin color and texture.

Before & Afters

Courtesy of Forever Young BBL™ by Sciton. Results may very from person to person.

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