Pigmented Lesions

Our skin produces pigment in response to exposure to the rays of sun. Over the years this pigment (melanin) has a tendency to accumulate in collections, resulting in freckles and sun spots (“age spots”). These spots are completely benign and can be ameliorated by a number of procedures and creams. Procedures available for treatment of benign pigmented lesions include BBL, chemical peels, and cryotherapy (all available at Medical Spa Club).

Some pigmented lesions develop under influence of female sex hormones. This condition is called melasma.  Pigment in melasma is located deeper in the skin than that in sun spots, and is more difficult to treat.

Pigmented lesions also include nevi (moles). Some nevi are benign; others have a potential to develop into a malignant melanoma, one of the most lethal cancers. Thus, if you notice a new or changing pigmented lesion on your skin, it is always prudent to consult a medical professional to determine whether this is a cosmetic concern or something that requires an excision. Early diagnosis of melanoma is lifesaving as in early stages all that is required for a cure is a simple excision of the mole.

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