Facial Vessels And Redness

What is it?

Facial redness is a common problem, caused by an abundance of unwanted tiny broken capillaries and dilated spider veins. It has a number of causes such as heredity, exposure to cold and wind, sun damage, physical trauma, alcohol overuse, and rosacea.

What treatments are available?

The good news is that there are very effective treatments such as BBL and laser painting which can effectively and safely photocoagulate the unwanted vessels, restoring the uniform color and tone to your skin.

How BBL & Laser Work:

The target (vessels or pigment, depending on the wavelength of light used) absorbs the light energy and is selectively destroyed without destruction of surrounding normal tissue.

This leaves the skin clear of blemishes. These procedures also cause tightening of the pores, and stimulate collagen thus reducing fine wrinkles and restoring youthful glow to the treated skin.

Results may very from person to person.


  • What is photocoagulate?
    Photocoagulate is a non-surgical technique that uses an intense beam of light, as from a laser, to seal blood vessels or coagulate tissue.

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