Cellulite affects most women by the age of 30; in some it starts as early as in their late teens.

Cellulite occurs because of the anatomy of female subcutaneous tissue: fibrous bands running through subcutaneous fat, connecting skin to the deeper fibrous fascia that separates subcutaneous fat from underlying muscle. These fibrous bands form partitions (septae) that encase pockets within the superficial fat layer. As the fat cells engorge, these pockets of fat cause lumpy appearance to skin, while the septae tether the skin, producing dimples.

What can you do to combat this problem? “Accent” radiofrequency device is a recently developed technological innovation that can help. “Accent” uses radio waves to heat up subcutaneous tissues while cooling the skin for comfort. This painless treatment causes fat cells to shrink while it firms up the skin and subcutaneous fascia, to provide smoother appearance to skin and decrease the appearance of cellulite. “Accent ” can also be used to shrink stubborn pockets of fat such as lower abdomen and flanks (“love handles”).

This treatment causes a tightening effect in the deep layer of the skin (dermis), producing a youthful appearance to the skin. It can also be used to tighten a loose double chin, or flabby tummy skin.

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