Aging Skin

As we age, it’s natural for us to form wrinkles. Our collagen starts to produce slowly and our elastin becomes less elastic. These all start around our 20s and become more apparent as we get older.

At Richmond Medical Spa Club  clinic, we have a variety of treatments that can help you achieve your desired results regarding aging skin. These include enhancing thin lips, weak chins, and cheekbones, as well as lessening the effects of wrinkles on the face. We have personalized treatments that is designed to be different for each individual. Feel free to book a complimentary consultation with us for more information!

There are a number of skin care treatments you can do for anti-aging skin:

  1. Fillers
  2. Botulinum Toxins
  3. Ultherapy
  4. Facials

And more..

What Happens to an Aging Neck?

Skin on the neck ages and deteriorates with sun exposure, genetic tendency, and weight gain. The skin becomes slack and forms unwanted horizontal wrinkles. Fibers of Platysma, the flat superficial muscle under-draping the skin of the neck, tightens and separates into fibrous vertical bands popularly called “turkey bands”.

As bone volume is lost with aging, the Mandible (lower jaw) shortens. This loss of supporting framework causes skin from lower face and under-chin to descend and hang as if it were redundant, causing the “turkey neck” appearance that most people wish to avoid.

Until recently the only option for rejuvenation of the neck and face jowls was through surgical treatments. While surgery is very effective in improving the appearance of the neck when the changes of aging are advanced, the surgical risks and discomfort of recuperative period are not warranted in early stages, when signs of aging are beginning to appear. Fortunately, there are a number of non-surgical options also available for both the early stages of neck aging, as well as for improving skin quality after surgery in more advanced cases.

What Treatments Are Available?

Prior to receiving any treatments, the doctor will have a health consultation to answer any questions  what treatments are best suited for your condition.

There are a number of treatment options available:

Book your consultation to discuss if this treatment is right for you. Don’t wait to restore your youth!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Stop Skin From Aging?

We cannot stop skin from aging. However, we can help reduce the appearance of aging using various methods. It is a natural process where wrinkles will start forming as we get older. Thankfully, Medical Spa Club has a variety of treatments for you to achieve your skin goals which will be discussed during our consultation.

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