Your hands change with age just like how your face will change as well.

The skin of our hands is exposed to the effects of sun and wind, the drying effects of soaps and various substances that we handle, and of course, physical wear and tear to various degrees depending on our jobs and other activities. Thus, the skin quality changes: it may become thicker and tougher with calluses, or thinner – depending on how we use our hands.

The skin may also develop brown pigment age spots (“sun spots”) depending on the cumulative sun exposure. It may also develop various degrees of redness depending on exposure to wind and the sun. Also with age, there is loss of subcutaneous fat resulting in showing of veins and tendons through the skin. In other words, your hands will show your age much in the same way that your face does. Hence, it makes sense that hands qualify for most of the rejuvenating treatments that we provide for the face: creams, chemical peels, fillers, and laser and light procedures (the only exception being Botox® or Xeomin® treatments).

Before & Afters

The following are examples of hands rejuvenation:


Results may very from person to person.


Results may very from person to person.

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