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Know your Rosacea triggers

Although there is no known cure for rosacea, most people notice the progression of symptoms can be stopped in their tracks by avoiding triggers combined with skin care and treatment. Knowing how triggers may affect your rosacea can improve the quality of life significantly for rosacea patients. It is important to consult your doctor to discuss medical rosacea treatment options, to gain an understanding of your rosacea triggers, and to explore rosacea skin care routines that can help you to lead a full and normal life.

In addition to medical therapy, rosacea patients can improve their chances of maintaining remission by identifying and avoiding lifestyle and environmental factors that may trigger flare-ups or aggravate their individual conditions. Identifying these factors is an individual process, however, because what causes a flare-up for one person may have no effect on another.

Below are lists of common rosacea trigger factors that may affect various individuals (1066 rosacea patients were surveyed). Patients are encouraged to keep a diary of daily activities or events and relate them to any flare-ups they may experience.

Factors (Percent Affected)

  • Sun exposure 81%
  • Emotional stress 79%
  • Hot weather 75%
  • Wind 57%
  • Heavy exercise 56%
  • Alcohol consumption 52%
  • Hot baths 51%
  • Cold weather 46%
  • Spicy foods 45%
  • Humidity 44%
  • Indoor heat 41%
  • Certain skin-care products 41%
  • Heated beverages 36%
  • Certain cosmetics 27%
  • Medications 15%
  • Medical conditions 15%
  • Certain fruits 13%
  • Marinated meats 10%
  • Certain vegetables 9%
  • Dairy products 8%
  • Other factors 24%


Healthy Skin Month Skin Care Tips

november-national-healthy-skin-month-tipsSince November is Healthy Skin Month, we thought it would be great to celebrate it with some fabulous tips for healthy skin.