What is Broadband Light (BBL)?

BBL Phototherapy (Broadband Light) is one of the strongest brands of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), which is used for noninvasive cosmetic skin rejuvenation procedures.

BBL uses the principle of “selective photo-thermolysis”, and as such targets vessels, pigment, or water depending on which filter had been selected.

Thus, it is used for the following applications:

  • Treatment of Acne
  • Treatment of hyperpigmentation
  • Treatment of benign pigmented lesions, such as freckles, age spots (sun spots).
  • Unwanted blood vessels, such as cherry & spider angiomas, telangiectasias little visible vessels), and rosacea
  • Hair removal

These treatments trigger healing mechanisms in skin, with an increase in collagen production.

As a result, we usually see a more uniform skin color and tone, tighter skin pores, and a reduction of fine lines.


The full BBL experience at Medical Spa Club:

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does BBL Phototherapy Work?

Because different colors and tissue components absorb different wavelengths of light, we can use filters to target different skin components such as pigment (age spots, hair), blood (blood vessels), or water. This filtered light of high intensity will selectively heat and destroy the targeted components without burning the surrounding skin, removing the unwanted components (spots/blemishes or vessels or hair). This process also triggers healing mechanisms in skin, stimulating collagen production.

What Are The Advantages of BBL Phototherapy?

BBL phototherapy does not break skin, and is well tolerated by most people.
In general, this is a noninvasive procedure, there is no recovery time or downtime necessary following treatment.

Who Is A Candidate For BBL?

BBL is useful in treatment of acne, sun spots (age spots, freckles), rosacea, and facial redness. Because different skin colors and conditions react differently to BBL, it is best to have a  consultation with Dr. Pinkhasik to determine whether this treatment is safe for you and can help you.

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