Rejuvenate, resurface, restore your skin with Fractora. This anti-aging and resurfacing treatment will show improvements of skin tone and texture. It will help with fine lines, deep lines, pigment irregularities, blood vessels and redness. Most recently, a new treatment has been shown to bring excellent improvement in acne scars.  This treatment is also helpful in treating active acne and residual red and brown spots.

What is Fractora?

Fractora is the most advanced fractional skin rejuvenation treatment for a more radiant appearance. It promotes skin resurfacing, while the device has a variety of setting for depth for skin resurfacing and promoting faster healing of the treatment tissue.

How does it work?

Fractora utilizes fractional radiofrequency (RF). It breaks up the radiofrequency waves into microscopic spots (hence the term “fractional”), and ends up causing tremendous collagen production in the skin after each treatment. The final result is smoother, tighter skin and overall improvement of skin tone over the following weeks.

Our treatment are performed under a numbing cream to tighten and resurface your skin with very little discomfort.

Before & Afters

The following are before and afters (results may vary) of smoothing out frown lines, forehead lines, and acne scarring:


Results may very from person to person.


Results may very from person to person.


Results may very from person to person.


  • Where can I use Fractora?
    Fractora can be used in areas that demonstrate fine or deep wrinkles, scars or discolored red and brown skin tone. The most common areas of treatment are the lower eyelid, upper eyelid, smile lines, cheeks, mouth and neck.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    Fractora offers improvements for aging skin from one to a few sessions (depending on your skin assessment) that would normally require two, three or even four different technologies.

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