Face Slimming

Aside from adjusting your make-up or clothing in order to make your face appear slimmer, or actually losing weight (which may cause your skin to sag), there are simple minimally invasive cosmetic procedures which may be used to change the shape of your face in order to give a slimmer and more attractive look.

Face slimming techniques usually involve Botox®, Fillers, or skin tightening procedures.

In Asian faces, Botox is often injected into an over-developed masseter (the muscle used for chewing) in order to cause it to decrease in size, making the lower jaw appear narrower and the face slimmer.

When Fillers are used for facial slimming (as in example on the right), they are usually injected into upper mid-face in order to pull-up the cheeks making the face look slimmer.

Additionally, injecting Fillers into the chin would elongate the chin and cause the neck to look slimmer as in the example below.


Results may very from person to person. Radiesse 4 Syringes, Evolence Breeze 1 Syringe. Before Picture: 11/29/2010, After Picture: 11/29/2010

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